Aug. 22, 2014

Naples buyer agent

  Number one, you don’t pay for all the services you benefit from: market updates, website, time and money spent, showing appointments, negotiations, advice and proper paperwork, timeline of events handling, etc. I’m still amazed when I see buyers purchasing straight from the listing agent, without their own representative. Even if I am the listing agent! 

The idea that the seller is getting a “better deal” is flawed, mainly because sellers don’t adjust the commission depending on how many agents are involved. Another misconception I’ve heard a lot is “the listing agent makes more money by receiving full commission, so he’ll do anything possible to close the deal.” A listing agent who works in your interest to get the property at the lowest price possible, is BREAKING THE LAW. His contract says that he’s obligated to get the higher possible price for his client, THE SELLER. If he or she is so eager to break the law to close the deal, what makes you think he or she will make sure you take ownership correctly, protect your money, disclose things that could break the deal or follow proper procedure?     Regardless of the situation, a good buyer's agent will save you more money and protect your end of the transaction. 

Having worked as a buyer's agent for 6 years almost exclusively and owner of the best lead generating website in SW Florida,, I take pride in pointing out pros or cons EVERY time I show property. It's not, by any means, that I'm focusing on the negative, not at all. I'm just narrowing it down to the perfect property, by pointing out things that could lower the resale value of a property. Here are a few examples:

  • it's a cloudy day and you don't realize the condo is facing N, you want sun all day around. 
  • maybe you don't notice that most units in that community have lake views, the only one on the market doesn't (advise to wait for a lake view unit to come on for sale).
  • house is near a high school football field, but it's summer vacation, you have no clue ("run, Forrest, run!").
  • highway being built 50 feet behind a beautiful little lake and trees, behind your house (benefit, NASCAR experience all year round).
  • the foreclosure is only $10,000 less than a regular sale, but it might need $50,000 in repairs.
  • the fact the you DON’T have the right to retract your offer and escrow just because you didn’t like the inspection (not only you can lose your escrow, but you can be sued for specific performance and buy the thing).
  • most times, the short sale asking price is NOT REAL, but in fact %10 to %20 less than what you’ll end up paying for it (listing agents can’t submit a short sale package without an offer, so they'll mark it down below market value, knowing that banks will never sell a property without doing an appraisal).
  • an agent explaining to you a bank addendum is “acting as an attorney” and it is illegal.
  • sales agents at new construction sites work for the BUILDER, which means they have to sell ALL LOTS, even the lemons (btw, builder pays the same commission, so you may end up giving 6% to an agent who just placed your house on the first lot in the community, by all the incoming and outgoing traffic. You loved the location because she/he said “it’s close to the clubhouse”. Oh, and because it’s FREE).
  • all distressed sales are sold AS-IS, with the right to inspect (you have the right to retract or move forward, but can’t ask for repairs. Must.Have.Attorney)
  • Canadian sellers can avoid a lot of headaches by filling out a FIRPTA form.

And so many others...The point is, the listing agent has NO DUTY to disclose any of those, and they CANNOT be hold responsible for it.  

Find a GOOD buyer's agent. An honest, knowledgeable, dependable buyer's agent who can negotiate for you, give you ALL the comparable sales, data information and other information relevant to the communities you’re looking at. Let him/her guide you to properties and communities that fit you best. Find one of the best buyer's agents at and remember that a buyer without a buyer's agent is a buyer without representation in a transaction. Whomever you choose to go to battle with, do NOT go in alone.

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