Aug. 27, 2014

Listing your home in Naples FL, how to find a listing agent in Naples FL

Listing your home in Naples FL
So you decided to sell your house or condo in Naples FL… Wether you want to move into a larger home, or it’s time to relocate and you want to list your Naples beach condo, you need to find a reliable real estate agent. You want someone sharp, you want someone who can stand his ground and negotiate aggressively. You simply want THE BEST. What do you do? How do you trust someone with your most valuable asset? It’s not easy. Just because someone listed a house in your community, it doesn’t mean that those sellers made the best decision necessarily... Not more than they did in choosing the car they drive or the stocks and bonds they bought. Why would you blindly trust their decision? 
The truth is, only YOU can make the decision in choosing your representative. There are a few things in your agent’s arsenal:
  • your listing agent should be knowledgeable. 
  • your agent should be doing this job full time, 24/7 
  • should be a master in negotiating 
  • should be able to explain intelligently and rationally the reasons behind a counter offer 
  • know how to justify an increase in the sales price 
  • stay in touch with changes in the market 
  • convey urgency to a buyer
  • use body language skills and great communication abilities  
  • being able to read people’s reactions and choose the right approach accordingly
  • to know answers to all objections before they are expressed
  • offer professional photography (regardless of price range) 
  • include a first person HD video 
  • a FULL page on the most comprehensive and advanced real estate website in Naples FL, (including additional photos, maps, community descriptions and property description) 
  • hold elegant open houses 
  • offer professional brochures to all prospective buyers 
  • provide staging advice 
  • intelligent property description, creating a PRESENCE on the MLS and Internet 
  • provide showing assistance and monitoring 
  • any additional, reliable services needed throughout the process, like a contractor, real estate attorney, title company, etc.
Every single search for a home starts ONLINE. Wether are relocating, looking for an investment property in Naples FL or a vacation condo on on the beautiful Naples Beach, ALL buyers start on the Internet. has HUNDREDS of buyers browsing through the new listings EVERY DAY and it is simply the best tool in finding a home for sale in Naples FL. Your first chance of finding a qualified buyer starts here. 
How to choose a listing agent in Naples FL? Choose one of the best! Call Andrei Apostu, owner/creator of at (239) 455-5554 and set an appointment. This choice will be the best one you’ll ever make throughout your process of selling your Naples home! 
Selling your home in Naples FL
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